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Your future is so bright you can’t even focus on the present

Hello lovely readers!

Hope all has been well.

Today, I want to speak on focusing on the now instead of worrying so much about the future.

In my first blog post of this new year I made some new year resolutions three of the four I shared were to:

 Live for the day

Not worry so much about the future


If you look at my StrenghtQuest profile, the #1 strength of mine is being Futuristic.

I am able to look ahead to a goal of mine that I want and do what I can to make that goal happen.

At the same time however, I tend to think too much and too ahead into my future. So much in fact that I’m not able to focus and enjoy on the present.

This is a problem.

It was a problem in my relationship.

It kept me from entering into a relationship.

When I was in my previous relationship, I was too busy focusing on what would happen a year later. I was too busy focusing on reaching milestones that I wasn’t doing the things I needed to to get to those milestones or year.

When I was offered a relationship, I was too stuck on where I would be months from us initially being together and already deciding it couldn’t work, rather than even trying to make it work or give it a chance.

See my problem?

I look TOO FAR into the future. I imagine all type of worst-case scenarios and either dismiss things entirely or walk on an imaginary tight-rope to ensure my worse-case scenarios don’t happen. Neither decisions work because I either give up without even trying or try so hard that I’m not true to myself which causes things to go wrong irregardless.


This year I’m trying to.

Readers, nothing is wrong with knowing what you want for your future and trying to ensure that you get it. But in order to reach your future you have to be in the present.

NO ONE CAN LIVE IN THE FUTURE. You don’t even know if the future is guaranteed!

Could you fail? Yes.

Could it not work out? Yes.

But if you are living to the highest quality of life that you can live (see post about it here) that failure was worth it.

Sometimes it’s ok to live in the moment

Don’t let possibilities keep you from experiencing reality.

At the end of the day I’d rather know I failed and tried than not tried at all.

2 comments on “Your future is so bright you can’t even focus on the present

  1. kleeellis
    February 10, 2014

    So true! I especially agree with your last line– I’d rather fail, having tried, then always wonder what if, because you don’t know what the future holds, but you also can’t go back in time. The present is all we have.🙂

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